Ink and Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

We specialize in ink fingerprinting. We also offer FBI Background Checks, FBI Apostilles/Authentication, FINRA fingerprinting, FDLE Fingerprinting and more. 


  • You will need a valid government or state issue ID with a picture.
  • You are responsible for knowing all the requirements needed by the requesting party. 
  • To secure your appointment, we require verbal confirmation and credit/debit card payments at least an hour before your appointment. We will except cash payments upon arrival and BEFORE your fingerprints are taken. 
  • Ink Fingerprinting Services comes with 2 cards.

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We offer free fingerprinting if your prints are rejected due to impression issues up to 45 days from the date the original fingerprints were taken. If requested to have 1 fingerprint card completed and the prints are rejected there will be a charge for reprints. Valid documentation from the requesting party stating the prints failed are required.

Fees and prices are quoted at the time an assignment is offered. Please contact our friendly customer service staff to schedule your appointment!